The Correct Method To Use Oud

It all depends on the shape and thickness of the piece that you are using;

  • Thick and heavy Oud pieces requires a very high heat in order for them to start burning. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the charcoal you are using is  very hot before you place the thick Oud piece on it.
  • To enjoy the thin or fine Oud pieces  for a longer period of time; you will need to wait for the charcoal to produce the upper layer of cinder and then place the thin Oud piece on it. Alternatively, you can use the heat reducing film as a layer between the charcoal and the thin Oud piece.
  • If the Oud piece shape is double sided, you may place any side on the charcoal, just check the thickness to determine the charcoal heat you need to use, keep in mind once you placed the Oud piece on the charcoal and the oils started boiling, don't flip the Oud piece to the other side.
  • To avoid the burning smell and properly enjoy the Oud piece that's  shape has two different sides where the bottom side and the upper side are different than each other; the Oud piece should be placed on the charcoal with the bottom side as the side that is in contact with the charcoal.