Collection: Agarwood Oils (Dehen Oud)

Using Dehen Oud have been a long lasting tradition in so many different cultures.

Dehen Oud comes in different types and we use it for; personal, casual, formal, home, office, guests, occasions, weddings or even as gifts.

Using Dehen Oud have always reflected our welcoming nature and generosity, it always promotes a better mood and reduces the stress.

 Customers attention points:

  • The beauty of the Dehen Oud scent.
  • The persistence of the Dehen Oud scent (keeping in mind that the scent persistence is affected by the skin color and if the skin is dry or oily). However, as long as the scent was persistent and stuck to your skin for 4 hours or more, the Dehen Oud is considered excellent and a great choice to acquire.
  • The viscosity and the color, have nothing to do with the purity of the Dehen Oud.
  • Putting a drop of water in the Dehen Oud and if it rises or sinks, have  nothing to do with the purity of the Dehen Oud (only the lab test gives the accurate result of the Dehen Oud purity)
  • The accurate Dehen Oud names are only attributed to the region and the country of origin: Thai, Cambodian, Indian, Trat, Prachin, etc...
  • Other than using the previously mentioned naming method, the other names are considered marketing names only and are used for commercial and marketing advertising as per the merchant's discretion in order to distinguish their merchandise or to be discreet about the Dehen Oud's country of origin, it have nothing to do with the Dehen Oud type, for example; Dehen Oud Sioufi, Amiri, Malaki, Royal, etc... all these are marketing names only.
  • ( Aged / Mature / Muattaq ) Dehen Oud; means the water and the humidity have been extracted from it.

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