The best in the Oud market

All Jathaba's Perfumes where manually selected from thousands of products batches to make sure that we provide you with the greatest quality ever.

All our Oud Oil Perfumes (Dehen Oud) where cooked and prepared by the best skilled experts in the industry, Dehen Oud preparation and production have been their speciality for generations.

All our Oud gets harvested consciously supporting the world wide sustainability targets and each piece is hand-picked in order to assure the exceptional quality. The Oud pieces where cleaned by the best skilled Oud cleaners who have More than 20 years of experience in Oud cleaning. All our Oud pieces are dye-free & chemical-free.

At Jathaba, we always look for the injury's age and not the tree's age as the injury's age is the main factor that affects the quality of the Oud and the Dehen Oud that gets produced.

The exceptional quality of our products, allows us to compete with the best brands in the Oud market in terms of luxury and high end Fragrants.


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