Bo Rai Dehen Oud VVIP

Bo Rai Dehen Oud VVIP

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The highest quality of Bo Rai's genuine Dehen Oud, this is a 100% pure Dehen Oud. The scent can be described as a distinguished, elegant, luxurious, glamorous, classic Bukhouri scent that is very persistent and fragrant. Bo Rai is a border reagon with Cambodia, therefore, this Dehen Oud scent is considered the closest scent to the Cambodian Dehen Oud scent. Free from the animal scent.

Origin: Bo Rai, Thailand.

Quality: 100% Pure Bo Rai's Dehen Oud of the highest quality.

Scent: Bo Rai Oud Scent (similar to Cambodian scent).

Recommended for: VVIP Personal / Formal / Occasions / VVIP Guests / VVIP Gifts / VVIP Weddings. 

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